Why should we be heroes?

S0: And that's how we met
A tale of a couple of half-dragons, a kender and other beast.

And here we are, finally we have awaken from a long night at a tavern/public orgy. How else should we met? Two days have gone since we passed out and we are looking for our position, but who we are is what you should be asking.

I’m no more than a little monkey with a white face that somehow have managed to survive our mistress, a Erinye with a big personalitie disorder. A couple of nights ago we arrived to a party where I presence the dead of one of my kin at the hands of a horny half-dragon that couln’t control himself. It was horrible. I don’t remember many more datails about it, but for some reason some kind of little human, that happens to be more anoying than my mistress (and that’s not an easy feat) decided to payed us, the half dagon, his friend, and a Nympto be together. I couldn’t believe, but now I’ll be compeled to stand besides a horny murderer! AGAIN!

And this people really can’t control themselves. Just a couple of hours after they met, one village was in flames, many innocents death and all because they wanted to found some transport. I don’t know how theey’re are gonna react when, say, they got a real enemy in front of them. Oh, wait, I already know that, they blow a some gnolls that were attacking (I don’t know what else did they expected sleeping in the middle of the forest without any protection or guards ¬¬). Saying that they blow them put makes them look half-way competent, but that couldn’t be further from what really happens. Well, at least they’re alive and seems to be looking at something at the moment..

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